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The Home Study Course On
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Learn The Unique Art And Power Of Performing
Stage Hypnosis
For Big Profits Of
$1,400.00 Per Hour!!!
Mark Lewis, David Copperfield

Now, any Magician, Clown, Actor, or other Entertainer can Perform Stage Hypnotism, produce Hypnotic Inductions, Induce Hypnosis and Hypnotic Trance, and make full use of all their entertaining talents to help them become much more marketable and profitable. Mark Lewis, Master Hypnotist, for the first time, Reveals his, simple, easy, step by step techniques to induce anyone into full hypnotic trance.

These methods can be used by anyone, regardless of whether you have had much experience or not. Now you can stand out from all other Magicians. Have more show bookings and increased profits.

Start Almost Immediately. Here's How...

Their's Big Business in Stage Hypnosis. Above, Mark Lewis Thrills a group of skeptics at the Toronto International Psychic Expo. Psychic leave their $200.00 per hour booths to see Mark.

Dear Fellow Entertainer / Entrepreneur...

Two Questions:

1) How do you get even one of these Master Hypnotists (making over $1,400.00 per hour) to give up their most closely guarded trade secrets? - including their most powerful techniques for hypnotizing almost anyone who comes up on stage... as well as complete details of how to get the bookings that pay the big bucks?

Just try to get a Magician like David Copperfield to reveal even one of his best kept secrets. Bet you its almost impossible!. And Stage Hypnotists (like Kreskin and Ravine) guard their secrets just as jealously as Magicians do.

2) If you could find someone that would tell you how to make $1,400.00 per hour performing Stage Hypnosis, would you be able to afford the small fortune that one of these top hypnotists would charge to be your personal teacher?


This New, simple, step-by-step, home study video/audio/manual system, that can be used by any Magician, Clown, Actor, or other Entertainer, that will show you how you can learn the unique art and power of performing Stage Hypnosis for Big Profits of $1,400.00 an hour (or more) -- 100% Guaranteed!

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A standing ovation at a local business party (or should we say a "laying down" ovation!). Hypnotism is entertainment!

Well, Mark Lewis has done it again. After having a successful career of performing Magic and entertaining audiences for over 30 years, Mark Lewis has now decided to reveal the very techniques of Inducing Hypnotic Trance to fellow performers in a brand new, easy-to-understand video and audio course. you follow a method that's been evolved and perfected by the masters of Hypnosis, but until now has been the closely guarded secret of a very few Professional Hypnotists...

    "I performed Hypnosis and created a sensation at Psychic Shows and as a side act to my Magic Act. The demand for my Hypnosis became so great, that My income increased 10 times over when I was doing Magic Shows alone!. Now, even while I am still actively performing Hypnosis all across the country, I have decided to reveal the techniques of Stage Hypnosis to select Magicians and Entertainers"

How? By using the inside secrets of the world's top Hypnosis experts. Now you can get all the information, instructions and techniques that the highly paid masters of Stage Hypnosis use to hypnotize virtually anyone for fun and profit.

With the exception of big Country and Rock star acts, there is no other stage performance that pays as much as Stage Hypnosis!!! - $1,400.00 for a one hour show to start, and up to $4,000.00-$6,000.00 per day for Fairs, Conventions, and Trade Shows. Much more can be made through ticket sales at theaters and grandstand shows like Reveen and Kreskin did.

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Subjects are in a deep state of trance after only 7 minuets of Pre-Hypnotic suggestion. Many were skeptics 8 minuets ago.

Oddly enough... there's very, very few people doing it!!!. And for a very simple reason. No one knows how to do it. Stage Hypnosis is great fun, as an addition to your act, or as a stand alone show. There's just not many people doing it so why not cash in on it.

"This is a special talent that any Magician or Entertainer can learn. It's not as hard as you think - I tell you how to do it and cash in on it big time."

    "The dilemma is this: Do I share my hard labored knowledge of how to create good cash with my friends and fellow Magicians? if I do, will there be more and more Hypnotists popping up everywhere?, and will it cut in on my action?

Well, good news for you. There is plenty work available in uncharted territory. Here are some more of my secrets to Magicians Wealth..."

Mark Lewis

Stage Hypnotist

The Home Study Course In Stage Hypnosis...

In this Home Study Course "How to Make Over $1,400.00 Per Show As A Stage Hypnotist", you'll learn everything that Master Hypnotists know about how to control your audience's every move. Here's just a small sample of what's revealed. . .

  • How to know which people to bring up on stage and who you should leave in the audience
  • 3 fail-safe tests that every subject must pass before you know that you can hypnotize them
  • The very first question you must ask the audience before anyone steps on stage
  • The 4 types of people who you never want up on stage!
  • Why hypnosis works... even if you don't believe in it yourself!
  • How to use a simple test to find out who's responding to your hypnotic suggestions - and how to use that information to send the "actors" back to their seats!
  • How to tell with almost 100% accuracy if someone is really hypnotized or just acting
  • How to instantly put someone into hypnotic sleep in 0.3 seconds! (Spontaneous Somnambulism)
  • The simple suggestions to use to get your subjects to do wild and crazy things on stage -- things so hilarious your audience will bust their guts in laughter and applause
  • And Much Much More...

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Mark Lewis gives you the step by step method of performing hypnosis. Each video teaches you as you progress. Learn at your own pace and rewind until you get it right. Several sample shows are also filmed.

You can get $750.00 for a one hour show to start as a beginner, and up to $3,000.00 per show as you get more experience. Or you can get $4,000.00 to $7,000.00 per day at Fairs, Conventions, and Trade Shows. This step-by-step systematic method for becoming a successful stage hypnotist is unlike any other book, video or lecture you've ever seen. 10 years of experience are crammed into this program, and I can guarantee you that nothing like it will ever come along again! READ ON...

How Mark Discovered Hypnotists Make Big Bucks!!!...

When Did Mark Lewis First Discover That

Hypnotists Make Big Money?

    It all Started at Psychic shows. Mark would be doing Psychic Readings in his booth making $200.00 per hour. Then, when it came time for his turn to do a lecture on stage, he decided that for once, he would not lecture on Palm Reading, but rather he would try a demonstration of Stage Hypnosis.

    The crowed was overwhelmed. People were running around thinking that they were rabbits, speaking Martian language, chasing after invisible birds, and walking around in a trance state looking for their belly button. It was truly a sensation. It was the largest audience that ever formed in front of the stage at Canada's largest Psychic Fair in Toronto. Even fellow psychics would leave their $200.00 per hour booth to come and see Mark perform!

    The psychic show manager came over and booked Mark for a series of other upcoming psychic shows in Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver. Marks Fee?- $1,400.00 per hour show day, three shows a weekend, three contracted weekends. Good Cash?, I'll say. Included was a free psychic booth so that Mark could make an additional $200.00 per hour when he wasn't performing.

    "I never had this kind of commotion doing Magic Shows, nor did I ever create this kind of demand from a Magic Show. In fact, come to think of it, I never got paid this kind of cash for a Magic Show either!" says Mark.

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No, these people are not bord, they are just asleep, in a trance state. We are in this trance state many times a day while advertising and behaviors reach our subconscious mind.

Mark Lewis Had a Big Dilemma: Do I continue on doing Psychic Entertainment Readings at $200.00 per hour? or do I perform Stage Hypnosis at $1,400.00 per hour? The answer - "I'll do both. During the slow times while I'm not performing Hypnosis, I'll do psychic entertainment readings and take the $200.00 per hour!".

Its Easier Than You Think...

Stage Hypnosis is easier than you think. If you don't think so, then just read on for just a few more pages, we will convince you that anyone can do it. In fact, you will show yourself how easy it is, because you'll give yourself a test later to prove how simple it is to learn and apply.

It doesn't matter what type of experience you have now (although it certainly helps if you have some performing background), Mark's method will transform you into the best Hypnotist entertainer you can possibly be... and much more quickly and easily than through the use of any other method.

I'm telling you, if you've ever wanted to step up your entertainment skills BIG-TIME, Mark's Jealously Guarded Secrets of Hypnosis is the place to start...

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