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Vol 1 Video: "The Art of Performing Stage Hypnosis-Show Breakdown"
Vol 2 Video:"The Art of Performing Stage Hypnosis on Large Stages and Arenas"
Vol 3 Video:""The Art of Performing Stage Hypnosis-An Example of Working a Small or Difficult Show"
Vol 4 Video:Mark Lewis:Talking Business & Dollars:"How I Make $1,400.00 Per Hour Minimum, Performing Stage Hypnosis"
Audio Tape: "Techniques for Inducing Trance for Stage Hypnosis"
Audio Tape: "Advanced Techniques for Inducing Trance for Stage Hypnosis"
Audio Tape: "The Mark Lewis Trance Induction Tape for Stage Hypnotists"
Audio Tape: "The Mark Lewis Background Drone, Trance Induction Tape for Stage Hypnotists and Psychics"
International Stage Hypnotist Directory Listing on the Internet (1 Year)
Book "Practical Hypnotism" (rp 1957) Look
$ ??.??
Book "Methods and Uses of Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis" (rp 1957) Look
$ ??.??
Book "Hypnotism:How Subjects Are Influenced:A Guide" (rp 1957) Look
$ ??.??
Book "Hypnotism Made Practical" (rp 1957) Look
$ ??.??
Book "Self-Hypnosis" (rp 1963) Look
$ ??.??
   #3113  Manuscript "Worlds Best Hypnotic Indcution Scripts For Stage Hypnoists"
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YES!!! - Magicians & Entertainers Can Make $1,400.00 Per Show,
As A Stage Hypnotist !!!

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