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Master Hypnotist Reveals His Explosive Insider Secrets To Making Staggering Profits On Stage!...

The Famous Mark Lewis Ex-Magician Interview...

By using the inside secrets of the world's top Hypnosis experts you can get all the information, instructions and techniques that the highly paid masters of Stage Hypnosis use to hypnotize virtually anyone for fun and profit.

I have consulted and negotiated with Ex-Magician Mark Lewis, to reveal the techniques of Making $1,400.00 Per Hour, Part Time, as a Stage Hypnotist Entertainer, and the reasons for becoming a highly recommended, in demand, Stage Hypno performer.

Hypnotism is fun, safe, and profitable. The Audience, as well as the subjects enjoy the Art Of Hypnotism

I Interviewed Mark Lewis and asked Mark how, after being a successful Magician and Psychic Entertainer for so long, he got into the Hypnosis Business:

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) About Stage Hypnosis...

Is Working as a Stage Hypnotist Hard Work?

"Sometimes, working as a Magician can be tough! - Finding work, traveling outside the city, rehearsing new routines every year, lugging props around, sometimes for peanuts. It can be a big pain in the neck, especially when their are so many other Magicians around competing for you business. Just check the phone book and you will see hundreds of Magicians. Try to find a Hypnotist in the yellows pages, I bet you can't find even one! (You usually have to go through an agent to get one because they are so rare). I had to always compete with that. Houdini once said - 'Shake a tree, and 15 Magicians will fall out'."

How did the Hypnosis Act change all that?

"The Hypnosis Act is different every time. I take people into trance and make them do any silly thing I want. I don't need to rehearse a new act every year for the same client, once you know the simple techniques to bring a person into trance, you can mold the act to any situation you want with minimal effort. There are no props to bring, and NO SCREAMING BIRTHDAY PARTY KIDS!, And the cash is excellent. I have never, in my 30 years performing, been paid so much per hour than when I perform Stage Hypnosis. I would not admit that to any other starving performer that I may meet. If I told him how much I made in an hour, he just might croak"

Are Hypnotists a rare breed?, and why is that so?

"Where do you go to learn Stage Hypnosis? There are not many Stage Hypnotists around. When I was investigating the possibility of breaking into the business, I couldn't find a Hypnotist that wanted to help me learn the ropes. No one would talk to me. Even when I would call to pretend to book a show with them, their fees were outrageous, and their booking dates were all full. I knew I was on to something big".

Create your own very funny routines. Once you know the techniques, its easy. No props to bring along, no new slights to learn, yet every show is unique and different.

Where did you go to learn the techniques of Stage Hypnotism?

"I had to learn from scratch - from books, lectures, videos, doctors, psychologists, and other stage performers. Its amazing how quick and easy it is. I performed my first show using only what I have observed from other Hypnotists, then I realized that anyone could do it."

"Now, there is a lot of psychology going on here that you must understand for hypnosis to work. I explain these in detail on my home study audio tapes, and dedicate a large portion of this on a couple of the training videos. For example, to start, people must already be convinced that you are a Hypnotist, even before you start to perform. I show you how to do this by giving the audience a short 4 or 5 minute lecture. After this they are already half hypnotized!"

How do you know if a person can be put under, or has gone under Hypnotism?

"There are many tests of a persons character that I will show you how to do - the way they smile, the way they laugh, and their body language are all clues as to what degree they go under. Using only these visual signs I can tell who will go under and to what degree, and who will not"

"Second, I do some initial tests such as the interlocking hands test, the magnetic thumbs test, and the eyes open - eyes closed test, and then I know for sure how easy it is to put them into trance. I perform the 'Hand drop' test to see if they are in trance or just acting."

Is there any danger that a person may not wake up if you happen to leave the room in the case of a fire say?

"Absolutely Not. Hypnotism is perfectly safe and gives no bad psychological after effects. You have to understand that we go into trance every night - when we sleep, or even when we watch television. We visualize and dream the same way in sleep, as a person in trance on stage. A person would not and could not do anything that they would not normally do in waking life".

How does the knowledge of performing Hypnosis help your Magic Act?

"I found that by providing Stage Hypnosis either with my act, or as an act all by itself, along with the unlimited demand in the marketplace of people that enjoy hypnosis, I could market my self as a multi-talented Entertainer.

I would get bookings over other Magicians because I could fill a demand that others could not - I was a Hypnotist also. Being a Magician/Hypnotist guarantee's that I get bookings over only being a Magician."

Making The Big Bucks!!! ....

Let's talk some business now. How much Money do you make on say, a Saturday, doing a single Magic Show?

"About $100.00 - $175.00 depending on the show type."

How much Money do you make doing a single Hypnotist show?

"About $1,400.00 - $3,200.00. My Minimum show fee is $1,400.00, plus expenses if it is out of town."

Wow, that a big difference. Can you really earn that much?

"It's unbelievably true. Do this: Pick up your phone book and call the Hypnotists and ask for their show fees. If you can't find a Hypnotist listed, then you must phone some agents. Their fees will shock you."

So by learning a few basic, standard techniques, you could win shows and contracts over other entertainers? How can a Magician/Entertainer get an edge on their competitive performers?

"With all things equal, two Magicians can each put on the same show, but if one can provide some extra talent which one would you hire? Hypnosis is an amazing addition to your act. You will expect return bookings and good referrals."

"Now, Test this out yourself: the next time you are introduced to a new group of people, just casually mention that you are a Stage Hypnotist, and watch the results. You will end up giving out many business cards because a hypnotist can perform anywhere at any type of gathering. Concerts, Night Clubs, Fairs, Trade Shows, and many other special events. Being a Hypnotist raises eyebrows, and people will want to talk to you, especially booking agents."

Does Hypnotism go over well with and Adult Only audience?

"Indeed it does. Doing Magic Shows is hard for an adults only crowd. You usually end up doing Mentalism or Comedy Magic for a crowd like that. Hypnosis, on the other hand, can be used for any type of audience - Children, Adults, Seniors, from all walks of life. All people enjoy Hypnosis. Go to a fair or group of large people and announce that there will be a Magic Show on at 2:00pm., and you will see only a handful of people (mostly kids) show up. Now, announce that a Stage Hypnotist will be performing at 2:00pm. and you will see a lot more heads turn!!!"

Do you need to purchase new props or learn any new techniques to keep up with the times?

"No. Everything that you need to know is in the Home Study Video Program "The Art of Performing Stage Hypnosis". The neat thing about performing Stage hypnosis, is that once you know the techniques to induce trance, you don't need to continuously learn new effects, such as in a Magic Show. Every show that I do is completely different, because the people in the act (the ones in trance) are different every time. One show I make them become rabbits, the other show I make them become Elvis!, It' s all the same technique I use, but get a different effect, and therefore a different show all he time. You could do six exactly the same Hypnosis acts in a single day, yet each show would be completely different."

"Incidentally, there's an other reason why I video tape the show. I sell the videos to the audience after the show for $20.00 - $25.00 each for extra cash. I sometimes sell 40 to 50 tapes during a large show, which puts another cool $1,000.00 in my pocket, cash, for some shows!"

What do you mean when you say "you don't have to have any special skills to perform Hypnosis". Can anyone do it?

"Absolutely. I learned it with no teacher, and I had no other Hypnotists helping me out. I wish that I had a home study program like this when I started out. It would have made my life a whole lot easier. Just follow the Method on my Videos and Audio's and you can't go wrong."

I've heard, Mark, that your program is the best and only program available in the market place. Why is your home study program: "The Art of Performing Stage Hypnosis" so good.

"Here's what makes my course so different and so much more profitable than anything you've ever seen or heard before... No one knows how to perform Stage Hypnosis, and No one knows where to go to Learn How!!!. I thought hard and long whether I should reveal this information to anyone else. These are not just video tapes and books, this is a Business Opportunity that makes big bucks!!! My other Hypnotist friends will probably hate me after this."

"Anyway, The program is here now and available. I would like to restrict the sale of this program to Magicians and Entertainers only. This means that only a select few have access to this program. I may limit the sales of programs if too many 'Magician-Hypnotists' pop up. I've Made it easy for you, just watch the videos and listen to the audios."

Mark Lewis

Stage Hypnotist

The Home Study Program In Performing Stage Hypnosis....

Every detail is explained in Marks home study program: "The Art of Performing Stage Hypnosis". Here's how it works...

All Pictures on this site are "Snapshots" taken from the Training Videos