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Free 1 Year International Stage Hypnotist Directory Listing on the Internet

(a $159.00 value) It's Extremely difficult for Agents and Special event organizers to find Hypnotists in their area. They usually have to go through a booking agent since Hypnotists are so rare. That's why we have created the International Stage Hypnotists Internet Directory Listing. This site, specifically for Stage Hypnotists, will list your name, photo and contact information by classification of location that you want to work in. No commissions need to be paid. World Wide potential clients contact you directly. Redeem your listing anytime when you feel you are ready to hit the big time. This Web Page can be accessed by 100's of millions of potential clients seeking Entertainers (24 hours per day). An excellent head start for the beginner Hypnotist.

Sample Listing in International Hypnotists Directory
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Mark Lewis-Famous Hypnotist 

All types of Magic and Hypnotism for all ages. Reasonable Rates.

Phone: (123) 222-3232

Pager: (123) 222-3231

#123 Any Street, New York, NY 12345

Website: www.your

NOW, LOOK AT THIS!!! - We have come across a line of very old and extremely rare books that have been published many years ago. Some are over 25 years old and most are over 40 years old!. We can put no value on this information as we have been able to pick up a quantity of these books for only the cost of the reprinting!!! We only have limited quantities available and are Therefore throwing them in with this SPECIAL OFFER, as a FREE GIFT to you, so you can further your studies. We have made a special purchase of several hundred copies total, and these books are only available while they last on a first come basis, so order now to avoid disappointment.

Free Bonus #6...

Methods and Uses of Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis, 198 Pages

A Treatise On The Powers Of The Subconscious Mind

Bernard Hollander, M.D.,1957

An Excellent book for Hypnotists selling SELF IMPROVEMENT audio tapes after the act for extra $$$'s. Create these tapes inexpensively yourself using this knowledge!!! (an audio tape costs $1.27 to make, Sell them for $15.00 each after the show!)

($ ??.?? Value Unknown!) Check it out at the web site following below...

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Practical Hypnotism, 117 Pages

Philip Magonet, M. D., 1957

Excellent general workings of Hypnotism.

($ ??.?? Value Unknown!) Check it out at the web site following below...

Free Bonus #8...

Hypnotism: A Correct Guide To The Science And How Subjects Are Influenced, 279 Pages

Carl Sextus, 1957, 279 big pages WOW!

A Reprint of a Famous Out-Of-Print Classic that was for a long time unavailable. A huge collection of information for the Hypnotist (including Spontaneous Somnambulism). Just to much to list. Check out some topics below.

($ ??.?? Value Unknown!) Check it out at the web site following below...

Free Bonus #9...

Hypnotism Made Practical, 169 Pages

J. Louis Orton, 1957, 169 pages

A neat study of Practical Methods of Hypnosis in use today.

($ ??.?? Value Unknown!) Check it out at the web site following below...

Free Bonus #10...

Self-Hypnosis, 253 Pages

A Conditioned-Response Technique

Laurance Sparks,196

stage hypnosisAgain, great for assistance in developing your own "Self Improvement using Self Hypnosis" audio tapes such as "STOP SMOKING", "WEIGHT CONTROL", "STRESS RELEASE", etc. (Remember, that some people buy 3 of 4 of these tapes at the end of the show!).

($ ??.?? Value Unknown!) Check it out at the web site following below...

The above are Excellent books to farther your studies about this unbelievable topic of Hypnotism. Many include full histories and examples including photos, diagrams, drawings. Now you can take your art to the farthest limit that you want. Many books have too much information to list here, so if you like, check out the details at:

Click Here For Detailed --->Book Reviews

Also, since we want you to become not only a successful Entertainer / Performer, but also a successful business person, The following will help you to achieve your goals not only as a performer, but in real life:

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(a $19.00 value) When you have to pay for it, it's called ADVERTISING. But, when it's free, it's called PUBLICITY. Few things are more powerful in shaping a public image, influencing personnel, or business success in general than publicity. By learning to use publicity to your advantage, you can promote practically anyone or anything with little or no cost.

Would you like to expand the volume of your business without committing any funds to art advertising budget? If you want to get more shows and dramatically further your own career, you need the powerful techniques presented in this dynamic audio cassette presentation, entitled PUBLICITY POWER.

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Audio Tape: SECRETS OF WEALTHmake money

(a $19.00 value) A recent university study of several thousand people revealed that exceptional gifts, such as talents, unique abilities and intelligence were very equally distributed between people with high and average incomes. In other words, There is no such thing as an inherited propensity toward success or wealth. In fact, average and wealthy people seem to be remarkably similar with the exception only of the tiny subtle differences.

By learning to behave the same way that wealthy, successful people behave, you too can become one of them.

In this extended-play audio cassette presentation, we discuss a unique, inside perspective to the discussion of the SECRETS OF WEALTH and how to master them. You'll discover how making subtle changes in the way that you think, plan, and act, privately as well as in a performance setting, You can dramatically transform your income, your personal power, and your long-term prosperity. Learn the SECRETS OF WEALTH.

Now Wait, Just One More Free Bonus...

Free Bonus #13...

Manuscript: "World's Best Hypnotic Induction Scripts For Stage Hypnotists" (Over 100 Pages)

This is a collection of the Worlds Best Induction Scripts used by many famous Stage Hypnotists and Hypnotherapists. These scripts are written out, word for word, and will be a great asset to developing your own scripts for every aspect of your Hypnosis act. There are also scripts used by hypnotherapists & NLP trainers, and can aid in developing your own "Self Improvement" Self Hypnosis tapes, that you can sell after your performance to make extra $$$'s. We are very fortunate to have received permission to reprint these scripts for distribution to our students. We are including this Manuscript as a last minute, FREE GIFT (Free Bonus #13) when you purchase the Mark Lewis "How To Make Over $1,400.00 Per Show As A Stage Hypnotist" Home Study Package for $299.95. We will be sure to include this Manuscript along with the other 12 Free Bonuses.

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