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How Much Does It Cost To Make $1,400.00 Per Hour...

This Program is only available through mail order and will be available through select Magic Dealers in Canada, USA, and Europe soon (less the 12 free bonuses). Individually priced the program comes to over $706.00 US. But as a special introductory price, you can get the whole package for only $299.95. This is an exclusive offer for you being a Magician in the Entertainment Field!!!. But Wait-There's a lot More that you get, Read On:

How much is it worth to you to learn how to make a whopping $3,000 an hour? Or $2,000 an hour? Or even $1,000 an hour?
books magic That's right, think of it this way - After your first hour of performing Stage Hypnosis, you have paid for the cost of the program, and earned yourself an extra profit of 5 times the price of the program, Now, the second third, forth, shows can earn you a $1,000.00 a pop each to start!!! Think about it. you have the potential of making over several Thousands of Dollars per day if you want. But Wait-There is More, Read On:

I Have Also Been Authorized By Mark Lewis Himself To Throw In The Following Audio Tape With The Package For Free!:

Free Bonus #1...

Audio Tape 1: "The Mark Lewis Trance Induction Tape for Stage Hypnotists"

(a $34.00 value) A non subliminal audio tape that was designed to be played in the background during Stage Hypnosis Performances. This tape, when played along side of the selected subjects, will help them to relax and make them more acceptable to Hypnotic Suggestion.

rare magic books To be played softly in the background so that only the selected subjects on stage can hear it (otherwise the whole audience may go into trance!). These are perfectly save to listen to if even only to help a person to relax.

I Have Also Been Authorized By Mark Lewis Himself To Throw In The Following Audio Tape For Advanced Trance Induction With The Package For Free!:

Free Bonus #2...

Audio Tape 2: "The Mark Lewis Background Drone, Trance Induction Tape for Stage Hypnotists and Psychics"

(a $34.00 value) An extremely rare non subliminal audio tape that, when played in the background, stimulates people to move to the light Alpha and Delta Sleep states (relaxation states). These interesting background sounds will relax a single person, or group of people to the point that they will be more acceptable to suggestion. These are used by Psychic Channelers and Hypnotists to move their awareness to the subconscious level. These are perfectly save to listen to if even only to help a person to relax. They have been designed be used in the background while performing Stage Hypnosis. These are a little more intense than the Trance Induction Tape 1 above.

Now, Here's How You Can Start Boosting Your Profits Right Away.

To Convince Yourself And Show You Of The Possible Mega Profits Possible with this System, Accept The Following "Behind The Scene - Dollar's" Video Also As A Free Gift:

Free Bonus #3...

Video Tape: Mark Lewis: A Tea Side Chat:Talking Hypno Business:"How I Make $1,400.00 Per Hour Minimum, Performing Stage Hypnosis"

(a $59.00 value) The problem is this; How do you get even one of these Master Hypnotists to give up their most closely guarded trade secrets?

mark lewis How do you get them to spill the beans and lay it all out on the table-- including their most powerful techniques for hypnotizing almost anyone who comes up on stage... as well as complete details of how to get the bookings that pay the big bucks?

Presenting, A Tea side Chat with Mark Lewis discussing the business end of doing Stage Hypnosis. Mark tells you Where and how to get the bookings. Little things on Making Money doing Free Performances, Getting Free Publicity, How to make an extra $1,000.00 selling videos after the show. This is the Business side of being a Stage Hypnotist. Mark Lewis talks freely on how much cash you can make and how to make the extra Bucks.

   Some topics include:
  • How Much should I charge for my Performance
  • How Much can I make Annually
  • How to compete with other Hypnotists and come out on top
  • How to get rid of subjects that won't go under... before they ruin your show
  • Dealing with Agents Staying First Class
  • How to consistently "steal" away bookings from your competition
  • Reading Body Language
  • Where do I go to do Shows
  • Competing with Hypnotists
  • Winning Competitors business Performing difficult groups
  • Star
  • ting A Commotion
  • Behind the Hypnosis scene
  • The "Tricks of the Trade"
  • Working Thousand Dollar Hours at Special Events
and Much More...
magic show Also, included in the video is "Hypnosis performed in a Bar" segment, where Mark performs more routines at a local bar. The subjects, in this particular audience are of the middle to older crowed (40 years of age and older). Included also is a bonus section:"More Trance Indications At The Psychic Fair".

magic performNotes: Through-out this series of videos, Mark Lewis not only explains in detail the workings of Hypnosis, but also the business aspects of finding work, the amounts to charge, how to market yourself, where to go for work, etc.

But that's Not All: We Will Also Throw In The Following Video: "An Example of How To Work Hypnosis At Large Shows On Stages and Arenas" - Free With This 'Making the Cash' Package !!!:

Free Bonus #4...

I collect testimonials. When you make over $150,000.00 per year, I want you to write me and tell me of your success. If you would like to do this for me, I will also include Free:

Video:Vol 3 "The Art of Performing Stage Hypnosis on Large Stages and Arenas"

An other full length show filmed on a larger stage at a major agricultural fair. Watch Mark in action going over the Hypnotic Trance Induction Techniques that you learned in the previous videos. Notice how some subjects go under Hypnosis very slowly, and others almost in two minutes. Some, just actors, are immediately spotted using the Subjective Tests, and ingeniously sent back to their seat.

Large Shows are a Blast!

magic compition

Some additional routines presented are:

  • Where's my Invisible Bird
  • Quiet, or I'll Call Security
  • The British are coming
  • The last of the Red Hot Momma's
  • The Great Oak Tree
  • Hot Beaches & Cold Air Conditioners
  • My Feet Are Glued to the Floor
  • Now were all Naked
  • Vacuum Cleaners
  • Talking Martian
  • Ouch!, He Pinched Me
  • Stuck to the Chair
  • Sad Movies, Happy Movies
  • I Lost My Belly Button
  • Snap,Sleep (Spontaneous Somnambulism)
  • Ants!!!

And Many More Routines..

wig the magician Everyone is the star. I never have any problem getting people up to volunteer. So long as you use my pre-lecture-this gets them every time.

Included also on this video is a Bonus Section: "Having Fun with Hypnosis".

And Now, To Reach Millions Of Potential Clients...
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All Pictures on this site are "Snapshots" taken from the Training Videos