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The Home Study Course On
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Making Big Bucks Performing
Stage Hypnosis!!!

Stage Hypnosis Home Study Course Content...

It consists of 2 full video seminars, 2 'drive and listen' study audio cassettes:

Video:Vol 1 "The Art of Performing Stage Hypnosis-Show Breakdown"

This is a full break down of a typical, average size, 1 hour Stage Hypnosis Performance by Mark Lewis. It includes a personal introduction by Mark Lewis as to what you can do with Hypnotism, an explanation of what Hypnosis is and How it works. Mark goes through, Step by Step, all the techniques from start of the show to finish:

amazing randi I have never enjoyed my self so much as being a Hypnotist, not even in all my 35 years of being a magician, come to think of it, I don't ever remember ever being paid this much either!. Don't believe me? Just mention that you are a Hypnotist at the next party you go to, and watch the heads turn.

Some Induction Techniques...

Some Routines Presented...
  • Pre-Hypnotic Audience Lecture.
  • Pre hypnotic Suggestions
  • Preliminary Tests
  • Suggestibility Tests
  • Interlocking Hands Test
  • Magnetic Thumbs test
  • Eyes open - eyes closed test
  • 'Hand Drop' in-trance test
  • Hands Spinning Suggestion
  • Hot and Cold Suggestion
  • Post Hypnotic Suggestions
  • After Show Hypnotic Queues
  • The Magnetic Influence
  • Look, I'm Flying
  • Help, I'm Stuck to my Chair
  • The 'Hot' Seat
  • Its Raining Again
  • A Freezing Winter Night
  • 'Snap', Now your all Naked
  • Officer, That Man Stole my Canary
  • Ladies and Gents,here's Elvis
  • Kiss me you Broom!
  • A demonstration of Instant Somnambulism

And Much More...

Stage Hypnosis Home Study Course Content...

kresking magicain All of the above footage is from a live performance with commentary by Mark Lewis as to the techniques he is using during that video segment. Mark goes through every step from when the subjects come up on stage, to when they sit back down already with their post Hypnotic Suggestions ready for the grand closing.

"I will show you how to choose a good sample of people to work with. Any group, large or small can be Hypnotized and entertained." The subjects, in this particular audience are of the younger age (14 years to 30 years old).

Video:Vol 2 "Summary of Trance Induction Techniques, Along With The Art of Performing Stage Hypnosis-An Example of Working a Small or Difficult Show"

A complete Summary of Mark's act in discussion from start to finish! This is a great study tape for the beginner Hypnotist. Also, Small Audiences of say 20 to 30 people are a very small sample of the cross population, and usually the hardest to entertain and put under. Learn from this "Small Show" Inductions, how to use the techniques from video tape 1.

Control your audience like never before!, and your profits as well !!!
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See it in action on the most difficult show that you will probably come across. Mark demonstrates how to handle a group such as this, and shows you how to get out of tough situations when a person is only 50% in trance and does not follow the Hypnotic suggestions to the fullest extent. Disastrous audiences sometimes happen, here's what to do. This particular audience are of the middle age (30 years to 50 years old).Learn from the toughest situations, then all your other shows will be a breeze. A must to get you out of tough situations .Also, a Step by Step Routine Breakdown.

Audio Tape 1: "Techniques for Inducing Trance for Stage Hypnosis"

A must for anyone breaking into the Stage Hypnosis Business. This tape details the ethics and limitations of Stage hypnosis. Mark explains in detail the pros and cons of being a Hypnotist and Entertainer.

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Mark gives a step by step instruction of all the Hypnotic Techniques, and looks inside the Hypnotized Subjects frame of mind.
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Also included, is a discussion of what Hypnotism is according to the psychologists.

Audio Tape: "Advanced Techniques for Inducing Trance for Stage Hypnosis"

This tape discusses and actually reveals, word by word, the actual scripts that Mark Lewis uses for all of his routines. You may use them as is, or customize them when you get to be an expert. These are worth "GOLD" and are great for the beginner breaking into the business!

It is recommended that the above two audio tapes be heard before watching any of the videos, since these give the absolute basic techniques of performing Stage Hypnotism.

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This is the most detailed and complete program on Performing Beginner Stage Hypnosis to help you turn massive profits, that is available in the market place. Mark Lewis, Master Hypnotist, gives you 10 years of experience in the Hypnosis Business, compacted into this package.

So sit back, relax, pop this video tape into your VCR and you'll be right there as Mark reveals his most closely guarded secrets about how you can control your audience's every move... with just a snap of your fingers!


Amazing hypnotic techniques so incredibly powerful, that even people in the audience get hypnotized! (you'll actually see it happen live on video)

  • Complete instructions on how to master the techniques of stage hypnosis that really work - learn everything you need to know from "A to Z"!
  • The real reasons why people do wild and crazy things under hypnosis - the secret truth long known by master Hypnotists, sociologists and psychologists finally revealed!
  • How to get your audience "In The Mood" to become Hypnotized whenever you want!
  • Why some people don't respond to hypnotic suggestion and what to do about it!
  • 3 tips and tricks for creating a powerful image on stage!
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Mark Lewis reveals all this and more! And he presents it in a way that makes it easy to follow and simple to understand. This is truly the most detailed guided tour of successful Stage Hypnotism you could ever hope to get your hands on. Study at your own pace, easily, at home, in your spare time.

Since this information is vary valuable, we would like you to absolutely promise that you'll use your Hypnotic skills ethically and not to exploit other people or manipulate them in any harmful way. These techniques are so powerful that if you don't feel you can use these secrets for the benefit of others, then please pass on this opportunity. It isn't for you. We would like to note that it will take some work and effort on your part. Mark guides you and gives you tips on how to overcome that stress of performing your first Hypnosis show (hint: talk to the chairs at home!)

By this time you're probably wondering, How much is this all going to cost? Well, I feel this information should cost at least $1,500 (or even more). but since this is a pre-promotion, pre-advertised price we will make this special:

Special Introductory Price...

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All Pictures on this site are "Snapshots" taken from the Training Videos

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