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Mark Lewis:

Irish Psychic

Ex-Magician turned Psychic reveals easy techniques to turn massive profits...

How Magicians & Entertainers Make
$200.00 Per Hour
As A
Strolling Psychic Entertainer!!!

(That's $2,400.00 Per Day!-Over $7,000.00 Per Weekend At A Psychic Fair-Part Time ALL CASH!)

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A totally new, risk free, completely guaranteed way that a Magician, Clown, Actor, or other Entertainer can make full use of all their entertaining talents to help them become much more profitable. Using just a couple of these, simple, easy, techniques, used by Professional Psychics, can make you stand out from all the other Magicians. Many have increased their Profits 10 Fold with less effort !!!

These methods can be used by anyone, regardless of whether you have had much experience or not. Now you can stand out from all other Magicians. Have more show bookings and increased profits.

Above, Mark Lewis Famous Irish presents numerology at a rare Toronto lecture. This information is hard to come by. The USA has much more demand for psychics that there are psychics!

Start Almost Immediately. Here's How...

Dear Fellow Entertainer...

"I have been performing Magic for over 30 years successfully, and made a dam good living at it..., but I found a way to enhance my performing income substantially by making a few small changes to my act - I started doing Entertainment Palm Readings just for fun, as an addition to my act, after my shows, part time, for free. But before I could finish my reading, I looked up and there were over 30 people in standing in line in front of me, awaiting their turn. I realized then, that I had acquired a talent that no other Magician had - and could cash in on it bit time. I'd like to tell you how I did it..."

Mark teaches the art of Palm Reading. Its not as hard as you think. Using Marks own systematic method, you can learn to do a proficient readings in less that 3 hours!

My challenge however, was this: do I share my knowledge of how to fill my deep pockets full of cash with my friends and fellow Magicians?, or do I hang on to the secret of entertainers wealth and let someone else figure it out for themselves, as I did?

Well, good news for you. I'm happy to announce that the pie of cash is big enough for anyone who wants a piece to take one. Here it is..."

Mark Lewis

Famous Irish Psychic

How this system changed Mark Lewis's life financially:

This New, simple, step-by-step, home study video/audio/manual system, that can be used by any Magician, Clown, Actor, or other Entertainer, that will show you how you can make $200 per hour as a Strolling Psychic Entertainer!!!-- 100% Guaranteed!

Tarot Cards are a natural addition to Magicians and any card type entertainment. Use the proper pictorial deck and you too can read them quickly and easily!

When I first met Mark Lewis through a mutual Magician friend of mine, he was doing Psychic Readings at the International Psychic, Mystics, and Seers Fair in Toronto. When I was introduced to him, a fellow Magician, I could not help but wonder as to why he was here !, in a booth !, doing something other than Magic!!!

I have been performing as a professional Magician for over 28 years, and now I look back and laugh!. Over the last nine years, I realize that I too have been working all the same Psychic Fairs that Mark has, and doing essentially the same thing. I know how much cash changes hands there, because I too am in the 'Psychic Entertainment Business'. You may have wondered as to why the Van Langen Classic Vanishing Coke Bottle has been selling so well over the last 18 years, yet, Van Langen was no where to be found in the Magic Circles? Well, I thought that now is the time to let all my fellow Magician friends 'in' on the little secret: Here it is...

"My challenge was, how do I describe these powerful new strategies and techniques, without making it all sound too good to be true?. Or, so far fetched that the average laymen may be tempted to dismiss it as a bunch of hype?"

...was the case that Mark Lewis presented to me, a fellow Magician, sitting in the next Psychic Fair booth, beside mine.

"If they do, they'll miss out on Tremendous Profits"!!!

was my first response. After numerous weeks of consultation, and after being out of the Magic Dealer business for years, Mark and I have decided to market this program, suicide or not, to the Magician community. It's not for everyone, and I can't convince everyone that this program works, but if you'll read on for just a few more pages, you'll quickly see that what we have to show you is common sense and completely down to earth. It's also simple to learn and apply. And, most importantly ... I've done it.

Van Langen
Manufactures of the
Classic Vanishing Coke Bottle
"5 Star Rating-GEnie Magazine-18 years"

The Home Study Course In Psychic Entertainment...

In this Home Study Course "How to Make Over $200.00 Per Hour As A Psychic Entertainer", you'll learn everything, all the secrets, of the Psychic Entertainment Business. Here's just a small sample of what's revealed. . .

  • Do Psychic Readings on the fly, at parties, trade shows, in your agents office!
  • Learn how to present a professional image, not the sloppy gipsy image. (High class corporate events hire Psychics on a continual basis)
  • The art of fortune telling
  • Where the big paying show are
  • working all types of show.
  • Learn Palm Reading, Numerology, Tarot Cards
  • And Much Much More...
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Mark Lewis Demonstrates various types of readings, including readings from many types of mentalists, and of course, his own 'Iron Clad' fool proof readings

What does this course mean to you?, READ ON...

Can Anyone be a Psychic Entertainer?...

"Anyone can be a Psychic Entertainer!!!. You don't need any special skills. All you need is desire. If your are already a Magician, Clown, or Actor, that's a bonus. If you can talk, and you have a warm body, you can be a Psychic Entertainer. Remember when you did your first magic show? - for a real live audience? Scared-aye? Well now you can perform magic anywhere with out a thought. It's the same with the Psychic Business. Its performing. I tell you how to do it and master the 'art-and-science' with my Made Easy Audio/Video/Workbooks home study Course on 'The Art of doing Psychic Readings'. Any one can learn this Art in several hours."

"You will get back the price you paid for the course - plus a profit after your first performance! - Yes, let me repeat this: You will get back the price you paid for the course - plus a profit after your first performance!!!. This system took me over 10 years as a performer to perfect, I still think that a couple of hundred dollars to pay for a program like this is too cheep! You will make many times this amount even in the first few shows you do. I wish I had a program like this to study from when I started out. There is no other business opportunity available, that I know that you can make 'Mega Buck' with using only a table, and a deck of cards, that a Magician or entertainer can just walk into (pitching Svengali decks maybe, and that may be the title of another program that I may market)."

magic cards
Learn the "Straight" spread:

Love, Money, Health, and Luck

Its Easier Than You Think...

The Psychic Business is FUN, and PROFITABLE. It is easier than you think. If you don't think so, then just read on for just a few more pages, we will convince you that anyone can do it. In fact, you will show yourself how easy it is, because you'll give yourself a mini palm reading by the end of the next few pages.psychic readings

It doesn't matter what type of experience you have now (although it certainly helps if you have some performing background), Mark's method will transform you into the best Psychic entertainer you can possibly be... and much more quickly and easily than through the use of any other method.

I'm telling you, if you've ever wanted to step up your entertainment skills BIG-TIME, give the Psychic Program a try. It comes with a money back guarantee, so how can you loose?

I have consulted and negotiated with Ex-Magician Mark Lewis, to reveal the techniques of making $200.00 per hour, part time, and the reasons of becoming a professional Psychic. Here they are...

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"How I Realized That There Is Big Bucks in the Psychic Business"...
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All Pictures on this site are "Snapshots" taken from the Training Videos

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