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Mark Lewis: Famous
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My interview with Mark Lewis, Famous Irish Psychic:

"How I Make Over $200.00 Per Hour Doing Psychic Readings"

The Famous Mark Lewis Ex-Magician Interview...

Now Mark, what got you into the Psychic Business in the first place?

"I found that by providing a Psychic talent, that not many people have, along with the unlimited demand in the marketplace of people that wanted to meet a Psychic, I could market my self as a multitalented Entertainer. I would get bookings over other magicians because I could fill a demand that they could not-I was a Psychic also". Being a Psychic guarantee's that I get listened to.

Why would you want to learn the secrets of being a successful Psychic Entertainer?

"There were times when there were so many magicians around, that I found it hard to get bookings, no matter how talented I was. All of the Agents would have all kinds of magicians and entertainers on call, professionals and amateurs alike. I had to drop my performance fee's substantially just to get work. When the word got round that I was also a Psychic Reader, everything changed: I usually always got the shows since I could now possessed 'Psychic Powers' and could offer more entertainment for the buck".

Making The Big Bucks!!! ....make money magic

How much Money do you make on say, a Saturday, doing a Magic Show?

About $150.00 - $250.00.

How much Money do you make on say, a Saturday, doing Psychic Readings?

About $1,100.00 - $2,200.00.

Wow, that a big difference. Can you really earn that much?

"Of course, think about it. When I do readings I charge anywhere from $25.00-$40.00 for Palm Readings - Tarot Cards are $35.00-$55.00. Each Reading lasts for 10 - 20 minuets. Figure it out!. 'Its disgustingly Profitable' is what my Irish bank manager says."

So by learning a few basic, standard techniques, you could win shows and contracts over other entertainers? How can a Magician/Entertainer get an edge on their competitive performers?

psychic magic
"Its simple, if two Magicians each put on the same show, but one can provide some extra entertainment at no extra charge, which one would you hire? Give the people what they want, a good performance and great entertainment for their buck. If you throw in a little extra to make to make their special event 'Special', then you will expect return bookings and good referrals."

"You have to remember that most performers are so busy with the day to day pursuit of running their business. They simply don't have the time to keep coming up and redeveloping new ideas to increase their profits - Most Magicians are Magicians, not business men. I've already done the Brainstorming. Yes, you will steal market share from your competitors, but that's the way it works - Supply and Demand. Houdini once said 'Shake a tree and 15 Magicians will fall out'. I guess that's why he turned Escape Artist".

Give me an example of how, "Knowing how to do Psychic Readings", can convince a Booking Agent or a potential client to book you to get the show.

"There were times when I would make an offer to do a show for half price, or have the Agent take a larger cut just to book me, say 50% instead of the usual 15% - under the condition that I be able to set up a small table in the corner of the room after my magic show, and be able to put up a small sign "Mark Lewis, Famous Irish Psychic Reader" and do readings."

"People would line up steady and I would make $500.00 to $900.00 in just a few hours after the magic show. It not how good a performer you are, it's what people perceive of how good a performer you are. The same is true of a booking agent."

Mark demonstrates the 5 basic 'sure thing' buzz lines that converts anyone into a great Palm Reader

Fellow Magicians can't figure out how you can to do an absolutely Free Show, and yet still go home with a pile of cash. Explain it to us.

"Its simple, remember, I have a special talent: I am a Psychic Entertainer. If there is an event where I know were the is a lot of people, I will give them a special low price, or even do the magic show for free - under the condition that I be able to set up a small table in the corner of the room after my magic show, and be able to put up a small sign "Mark Lewis, Famous Irish Psychic Reader" and do readings. Again, people would line up steady and I would make $500.00 to $900.00 in just a few hours after the magic show. Its very simple - you can sit home and do nothing, or you can sit here and make $200.00 per hour."

"Now, the neat thing happens later. All during the day I hand out lots of business cards, and when people see me perform in the professional manner that I do, and cause a small sensation at their event as a first class Psychic Entertainer, they realize that would love to have me at their own wedding, party, engagement, etc. You see, the Psychic business is self promoting. I do very little advertising. This always get a few personal readings later as well. I get a constant stream of new customers calling daily. There were times when I had to turn away '$100.00-thirty minute' home readings because I was too tired that evening."

Mark Lewis Palm Readings are Fun to Learn

and Profitible to do!

Every Magician dreads this type of phone call: "Hello Mr. Lewis, we are putting on a fund raising event for a charity and would like to request your services, can you come and donate your time for Free next Saturday?". Fellow Magicians cant figure out why these calls put a smile on your face. Do you enjoy doing Free Charity or Fund Raising shows. Why do you do it Free?

"This Idea works great charity and fund raising events. I would perform my magic show for say 20-30 minuets at this Gala Event for Free. After the show I would then proceed to set up my small 2 foot diameter table and sign, and charge $20.00-$30.00 for mini 10 to 15 minute readings. I usually stay all night since I am always the only Psychic Reader there and the demand for my services is unbelievable. I know then that I'm set at making $300.00 - $400.00 extra for that night. I hand out lots of business cards for follow up business."

"Some of these charity functions charge huge admissions for their guests to attend these events, sometimes up to $250.00 for the diner and show. I always get a guest of honor seat on the organizers table and stuff myself with great food and enjoy watching the other performers. I get a good reputation as a performer and receive a nice certificate for my wall from the organizers. And I get a nice smile from them when I tell them that I will be glad to volunteer my services for them again next year. They place my name and photo in all the newspapers and their flyers, and give me tons of free publicity"

"I would donate my magic show, pick up a charitable donation tax receipt deduction for $200.00-$300.00 for income tax purposes for the magic show, and then go home with $600.00, $700.00, or $900.00 cash for doing readings!!! Other Magicians could not figure out why I love doing Free charity shows (Well now you know). Again, I also usually get quite a few calls afterwards for personal $50.00 -$100.00 readings along with other show bookings."

So let me get this straight, Mark... You meet high ranking officials, are invited to sit at their performers table, mingle with big movie stars, are invited to a gala events, meet interesting people, see a free expensive show of headliners, stuff your gut with excellent food, get great Tax breaks, do charity a good deed, and then go home with a pile of cash!!! - Is that Correct?

"Yes, that's about it."

magic shops
"Remember now, the cash doesn't stop at the end of the performance. I would always continuously hand out my business cards and flyers "Mark Lewis, Famous Irish Psychic-Parties and Personal Readings available" for the back end business. At the many magic shows I have performed at, there were virtually thousands of people walking around that I could not possible do a reading for at that time.

I would always get several calls after the show to do private readings at my office or at their weddings, parties, baby showers, what ever the event. At many of these events, they would not even consider hiring a Magician, but I always bring a few tricks along for the kids."

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) About Psychics Entertainers...

Not many magicians, even full time professionals, have shows every single weekend. So when you have no magic shows for the weekend, what would you do?

"On the weekends when I had no shows, I would travel to the nearest Psychic fair and set up my booth. Over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I would pull in on average about $2,600.00. On a really good weekend, sometimes I would make $7,000.00 or more, on a bad show I may only pull out say $800.00-$1,000.00, but it was all cash."

Gosh!, That seems to me like an awful lot of cash to be making for a person who's a "non-politician". Can you really make that much cash?

"Look, go to the next local Psychic Fair in your area, sit there and count the dollars!!!. That's the only way you can convince yourself. One day you will walk through a Psychic, New Age, or Health show and you will remember what I have said."

"I still love magic, and perform it often, but I eventually drop down the magic shows down to part time, and now do the psychic entertainment full time. There's just too much demand for it. Its the equivalent to selling hamburgers in a starving country!"

What if there is absolutely no work around, no Psychic Fairs, no Magic shows, no home parties, nothing, what do you do then?.

"Well I like to eat with my meals, so I know I won't starve. There is always some type of local event around somewhere that requires my 'Psychic Talents'. An other great way of creating cash is flea markets. I would rent a last minute booth (these are always the cheapest ones) at the local flea market and put up my sign "Mark Lewis, Famous Irish Psychic."

"The booth would cost me about 20 or 30 bucks, and I would go home with anywhere from $300.00 - $500.00 cash for the day (I don't like to do Flea Markets anymore because they don't pay enough, the people there are cheep - there is much more money to be made at larger corporate events, where they desire you to be there, but if your stuck, take the $500.00 cash from the flea market and buy a new suit or a new magic trick or something). Its all explained in my program, even the business end of it"

Mark Lewis does a sample Palm Reading on Ron Leonard of 'the Uncle Bobby Show' to demonstrate how easy it is for anyone to read palms

How do you start to make a sensation?, how do you tell people that you do Psychic Readings?

"Oh, the best way to get a crowd at any event, (even a lobby in a hotel or local dance club or bar), was to perform a little close up magic. People will crowd around just to see the amazing magic tricks that I can do. Then I would announce that I was also a Psychic Palm and Tarot Card Reader and that I would be set up over there (in the corner) for a little while, and would do a couple of 3 or 4 minute readings for Free. As the lines formed I was set at making $200.00-$400.00 for the night." I also like the fame and prestige that comes along with it all.

"You have to understand that everyone wants to meet a psychic. Everyone one wants to know about Astrology, Palm Readings, Tarot Readings, Numerology. TEST THIS OUT YOURSELF: the next time you are introduced to a new group of people, just casually mention that you are a Palm Reader, and watch the results. I call this the 'Flood'. If you don't get at least 3 people asking you to read your palm that day, I'll eat my sponge balls!!!"

"The Psychic Business is Booming, what can I say !!!"

When you do readings at Psychic shows, you say you charge anywhere from $25.00-$40.00, Tarot Cards $35.00-$55.00. If the readings lasts for about 15-20 minutes, Wow! that over $200.00 per hour !!!, can you really make that much money at Psychic Fairs.

"Psychic Fairs are a great way to increase your bottom line - Cash Flow! There is usually a Psychic Fair in every city. In the major cites, there are usually many happening year round, even at the same time. Some larger shows such as the Whole Life Expose and International Psychic Fairs are huge - 300 booths, and an attendance of 35,000 + people. I can show you the ways to get "larger then your market share" at not only these large fairs, but also the smaller fairs of 20 - 30 booths and attendance of only 500 people. Even at these smaller shows, you can still walk away with several thousand dollars a weekend - Cash!!!. Why do you think that there are so many Psychics around? As I said, it all explained in my home study program."

Aren't you afraid of carrying around so much cash at the end of the day?

"Some people may laugh at this problem, of course it's a nice problem to have. At first, yes I was, but as it comes to be routine, you realize that all the psychics have FILLED deep pockets. The Clients would almost always pay me in advance, in cash (sometimes check). I never had it this way doing magic shows. I found that when I started doing more and more Psychic Fairs I found that I had to obtain a merchant Visa and Mastercard so that I could offer to my clients a method of paying that other Psychics could not. I in turn would pick up a lot more $50-$60 readings at these shows since people always seem to want more readings than they have cash available on hand."

Is there anything unethical or screaming involved when you do readings?

"No, of course not. Some gypsy Palm Readers do scam people and they give us a bad name. Everything I do is Real - Real Chinese Numerology, Real Palm Reading, Real Tarot Cards, Real I-Ching, Real Astrology, its all legit. There is no sense in doing fake readings when you can do the real thing. Get This: You don't have to be Psychic to be a 'Psychic'. This is the single most damaging myth everyone still believes about being a Psychic. Many times I get people that already know quite a bit about say, Palm Reading, and so what I say compliments what they already know. Everything is above the table. I never do anything unethical. This is only 'Psychic Entertainment', much as a Magician does magical entertainment, not real Magic"

Do you have to be Psychic to be able to do this?

"Absolutely NOT. I am a Psychic Entertainer. Can a Magician really float a ball in mid air?, of course not, its only an illusion, but the net effect is the same - the ball floats."

"I tell people what they already know and seek, and based on this, I give them direction. I am using tools: Tarot Cards, Numerology, Palmistry, Astrology, etc., to use your intuition into directing them for a positive outcome.

These arts have been around for thousands and thousands of years and were used and studied by many religions. I think there will be a time when we will all use this sort of stuff in our every day life without even thinking twice about it."

"True, I do use acting and showmanship in my readings, just as I do in my magic shows, but 97% of my clients walk away totally satisfied. The remaining 3% don't seem to care either way, they there just for the fun of having their future told. All my readings are 95%-100% ACCURATE. That's why I get repeat business year after years. They just keep bringing me the money."

You say the Tarot Cards are real, what do you mean by that?

"Now the Tarot Cards are VERY REAL. I can show you how to read the cards to tell about anyone's Past, Present, and Future. Its easier than you think, all based on Intuition. In fact, in my classes, after only 1 or 2 hours, my students can do a reading not only for themselves, but for anyone. On my video, volume 3 'The art of the Tarot', you can see this: After only one session, the students are already reading the Tarot Cards and have potential to make $200.00 per hour. I see it all the time. It is truly Amazing. Its all on video, have a look."

I've heard Mark that your program is the best and only program available in the market. Why is your home study program: "The Art of doing Psychic Readings" so good.

"Here's what makes this course so different and so much more profitable than anything you've ever seen or heard before... No one knows about it!!!. I thought hard and long whether I should reveal this information to anyone else. These are not just video tapes and books, this is a Business Opportunity that makes big bucks!!!. My other Psychic Entertainer friends will probably hate me after this."

"Anyway's, The program is here now and available. I would like to restrict the sale of this program to Magicians and Entertainers only. This means that only a select few have access to this program. I may limit the sales of programs if too many 'Magician-Psychics' pop up, giving me competition. Well, as I said before - 'The Psychic Business is Booming', their's plenty of room for new performers at this time."

Mark Lewis

Anyone can do Psychic Readings, in several hours, its easy, just follow the simple instructions and start pulling in the cash. The program comes with my personal money back guarantee, so how can you loose?

Every detail is explained in the home study program: "How To Make Over $200.00 Per Hour As A Strolling Psychic Entertainer". Here's how it works...

The Home Study Program "How To Make Over $200.00 Per Hour As A Strolling Psychic Entertainer" - THE PROGRAM....

All Pictures on this site are "Snapshots" taken from the Training Videos

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