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A Sneak Peek at Mid Sized Local Psychic Fair
Ever Seen 100's of Psychics In One Place?...
(Each Making Big Bucks!)

This is a peak at a Psychic Fair in Ottawa, Canada

This video segment strolls you through over 250 Psychic related booths. Any thing form Psychic to Crystal Readers, Palm Readers, Tarot Readers, Spiritual Healing, Dowsing Rods, Clairvoyance, Psychic Channeling, and much more!!!

psychic expo An Aerial view of the International Psychic Expo in Ottawa, Canada. 250 Psychic and Clairvoyants meet here and offer Psychic Readings for anywhere from $5.00 to $100.00
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Among the many Psychic Readers, watch Mark Lewis in action performing Readings on customers.

Many thousands of potential consumers walk the isles. You must know the techniques to luer people to you and sign them up.

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Hundreds and Hundreds of Psychics everywhere.

Watch EXPERT front person Paul P. sign up people by demonstrating the Chinese Numerology 'Mini' Reading. Paul signs up about 85% of the people he does the Numerology to. See it live on this video!
Study the techniques on how to get attention. Here is a booth that offers: 'Ask A Psychic A Free Question". The lines form - "To the rights please!, leave room to pass to go to Marks Booth!"
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psychic fair Mark does numerous Readings. Here is where the candid material from the "Psychic Sample Readings Tapes Vol 1 and Vol 2" were taken from. These are all Readings AS THEY HAPPENED. Great for Study!

Watch, not only Mark, but several other psychics do their Readings. Note their dress and professionalism.

This is a Great Segment For Study!!!

Hint: Count the dollars that actually change hands with these Psychics. You will be SHOCKED!!!

So All In All, Here's What You Get...

All Pictures on this site are "Snapshots" taken from the Training Videos

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