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Mark Lewis: Famous
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The Home Study Course on Making Big Bucks Performing
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Free 1 Year International Psychics Directory Listing on the Internet

(a $159.00 value) A free international Psychic directory listing on the internet, of hundreds of Psychics world wide. You get a photo listing, Psychic description, contact information and classification that can be accessed by millions of potential clients. Present a big corporate immage to you clients. This is great for phone and mail readings. This may be the big break to start you off as a Psychic Entertainer.

Sample Listing in International Psychics Directory

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Mark Lewis: Famous Irish Psychic
All types of Magic and Psychic Readings for all ages. Reasonable Rates.
Phone: (123) 222-3232
Pager: (123) 222-3231
#123 Any Street,
New York, NY 12345, USA
Website: www.your

NOW, LOOK AT THIS!!! - We have come across a line of very old and extremely rare books that have been published many years ago. Some are over 25 years old and most are over 40 years old!. We can put no value on this information as we have been able to pick up a quantity of these books for only the cost of the reprinting!!! We only have limited quantities available and are Therefore throwing them in with this SPECIAL OFFER, as a FREE GIFT to you, so you can farther your studies. We have made a special purchase of several hundred copies total, and these books are only available while they last on a first come basis, so order now to avoid disappointment.

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Numerology:Its Facts And Secrets, 140 Pages

Von Taylor & H. Warren Hyer, 1956.

Lots of Numerology information knowledge presents here. Many systems relating to all topics presented. To Many Contents to List.

($ ??.?? Value Unknown!) Check it out at the web site following below...

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Palmistry Made Practical, 246 Pages

Elizabeth Daniels Squire, 1960,

An Excellent book on the farther development for palm readers that want to know it all. This Book is loaded with Illustrations, Diagrams, Photos of lines and bumbs of the palm and fingers. To Many Contents to List.

($ ??.?? Value Unknown!) Check it out at the web site following below...

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The Tarot of the Bohemians, 377 Pages

By Papus, Unknown Publication Date and Source, 377 pages WOW!

Absolutely everything you need to know about the Tarot Cards. Both very detailed information about the Major and Minor Arcana. Loaded with everything from the history of the Tarot to a modern day reading. Just to may contents to list. A must for Tarot Study. To Many Contents to List.

($ ??.?? Value Unknown!) Check it out at the web site following below...

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Entertaining With ESP, 109 Pages

ByTony "Doc" Shiels,1976,

A interesting and funny look at ESP and Psychic Entertainers. Many Gags and Amusements. Some Contents Include:

1. Pseudo-Psi 2. I Told You So 3. Two-way Telepathy 4. Mind-Bogglers 5. The Practical Psychic Joker 6. Cartomancy 7. Memories Arc Made of This 8. Things That Go Bump, The Real Thing And More. 109 pages

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The above are Excellent books to farther your studies about this unbelievable topic of the art of bient Psychic. Many include full histories and examples including photos, diagrams, drawings. Now you can take your art to the farthest limit that you want.

Many of these books have to much information to list here, so if you like, check out the details Click Here--->Detailed Book Reviews

Also, since we want you to become not only a successful Entertainer / Performer, but also a successful business person, The following will help you with your practus in the psychic business - without practusing on a person!:

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Video Tape 5 "What The Psychics" Vol 1

Video Tape 6 "What The Psychics" Vol 2

Video Tape 7 "What The Psychics" Vol 3

(a $159.00 value) Fresh of the press as of Jan 14/2001. We have overrun approximately 112 Video sets of the consumer psychic video series "What the Psychics Do, And How You Too Can Becomes Psychic!!!". This was part of a different project. WE ARE THROWING THESE VIDEOS IN FOR FREE, WHILE THEY LAST ONLY!!! This is a series of 3, 90 minute videos tapes of personal interviews of Real Live Psychics!. Over 70 Real Live Psychics Interviewed At Psychic Fairs, Conferences, And Performances. Many Rare Live Demonstrations Of Their Powers & Abilities. You May Find That Your Are Psychic Too!!!

This Rare "Invitation Only" Video Series was taped Live on location at Numerous Psychic Fairs and Special Psychic Events through out the Country. These "Private Interviews" are generally not allowed by Most Psychics, However, Special, us bieng involved in the psychic scene, permission was granted by the Actual Psychics them self's to Reveal a little information about their Special Powers and what they do. Much of this footage is Actual Demonstrations as performed by the Psychics. Now you can actual see what they do !!! - Great for Patter and presentation in conjunction with the Mark Lewis Home Study Series.

This is a Private Production. Not Available In Stores

(This is from the consumers website, Don't say who sent you!) - You can take a sneek peek on the web, but we cant tell you where the site is! Hint do a web search on "International Psychics Driectory).

Also, since we want you to become not only a successful Entertainer/Performer, but also a successful business person, The following will help you to achieve your goals not only as a performer, but in real life:

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(a $19.00 value) When you have to pay for it, it's called ADVERTISING. But, when it's free, it's called PUBLICITY. Few things are more powerful in shaping a public image, influencing personnel, or business success in general than publicity. By learning to use publicity to your advantage, you can promote practically anyone or anything with little or no cost.

Would you like to expand the volume of your business without committing any funds to art advertising budget? If you want to get more shows and dramatically further your own career, you need the powerful techniques presented in this dynamic audio cassette presentation, entitled PUBLICITY POWER.

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magic ballsAudio Tape: SECRETS OF WEALTH

(a $19.00 value) A recent university study of several thousand people revealed that exceptional gifts, such as talents, unique abilities and intelligence were very equally distributed between people with high and average incomes. In other words, There is no such thing as an inherited propensity toward success or wealth. In fact, average and wealthy people seem to be remarkably similar with the exception only of the tiny subtle differences.

By learning to behave the same way that wealthy, successful people behave, you too can become one of them.

In this extended-play audio cassette presentation, we discuss a unique, inside perspective to the discussion of the SECRETS OF WEALTH and how to master them. You'll discover how making subtle changes in the way that you think, plan, and act, privately as well as in a performance setting, You can dramatically transform your income, your personal power, and your long-term prosperity. Learn the SECRETS OF WEALTH.

So All In All, Here's What You Get...

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