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Psychic Entertainer Home Study Course Content...

It consists of 3 full video seminars, 2 'drive and listen' study audio cassettes:

Video:Vol 1 Video "The Art of doing Chinese Numerology"

You can use this technique at parties or for giveaways to attract attention. It is a very accurate readings and can be learned in about 1 Hour or less. It is a systematic method of doing readings mathematically based on the birth date. There are no calculations, merely add all the persons birth date digits together, and I will show you how to interpret it to give a real, unique readings to anyone.

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This short reading lasts 2-4 minuets and can be used to capture someone's interest, or can be used when many readings are performed one after the other. It's great for radio interviews (check out mine on the ethics tape). Mark discusses also the ethics and business of doing Psychic Readings. This is real basic, yet can impress the daylights out of anyone. Try this on your booking agent over the telephone.

Video:Vol 2 Video "The Art of doing Palm Readings"

I use Palm Readings for a more in-depth and personal reading. Palm Reading is very popular everywhere you can go. There's no point in reading all the lines on the hand, just read enough so that the client leaves scratching their head and saying "how did he know that".

doug henning

I discuss also techniques on getting other information through Body Language and other subtle methods. These readings last anywhere from 10-20 minuets and I usually charge $25.00-$45.00 depending where I am.

This is the most requested Reading type over Tarot Cards. Most of it is intuition and is very easy to learn, usually several hours. It combines basic short stock reading methods that you can memorize, and also absolute true palmistry for the impeccable. It is recommended that after you learn the basics from this videos, that you obtain the recommended books to farther your development. You can make good Bucks on doing Palm Readings alone. Mark actually does a sample Palm Reading with Ron Leonard.

Video:Vol 3 Video "The Art of doing Tarot Card Readings"

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This is the grand Reading. People wait in line at Psychic Fairs for hours to get this type of reading. It is the most powerful of all the personal reading techniques that are available and gives the most information about a person, and yet these are the readings that most people find the easiest to learn how to do. Using Marks unique method, you can read these cards with very little or even no memorizing. I repeat, very little or even no memorizing.

The information seems to come automatically. The several combined techniques that Mark teaches are all pictorial, and he give his systematic method for doing a detailed readings on Love, Money, Finances, and Health, using simple techniques. Mark demonstrates on this video how 6 people, who have never even seen Tarot Cards before, perform proficient Psychic Tarot Card Readings after only 1 hour into the video. One student is only 14 years old. Also, 'Non-Palm Reading' methods, to obtain clients information, are also discussed. This tape alone can make you extra $$$'s in any entertainment field.

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Mark discusses the 4 different, very basic, Tarot Cards spreads and swift methods on how to get out of difficult situations when you are incorrect. He also discusses Psychometry (holding objects belonging to a person) and why Tarot Cards are ideal in doing Mail Order and Phone Readings to achieve remarkable results.

Tarot Cards are the most powerful of the Readings and reveal the most information about a person. People pay $50.00 - $100.00 and upward for a 30 minute reading for this type of Reading.

You may be surprised to learn that using this method, we may all realize that we are all Psychic ourselves !!!.

Audio Tape 1:"The Mark Lewis Psychic Ethics Tape"

A must for anyone breaking into the Psychic business. This tape details the ethics and limitations of Psychic Readings. Mark explains in detail the pros and cons of being a Psychic Entertainer. He give you a few thoughts to think about before you decide to accept money in exchange for revealing personal information about peoples lives.

Audio Tape 2:"The Chinese Numerology Quick Number System"

This is the famous Mark Lewis Chinese Numerology Method. Combining true Numerology with Marks own 'Cold Entertainment' Reading method. The Readings are impeccable and extremely accurate. These Readings last 2 - 3 minuets each and are all totally unique. No two people get the same readings as the outcomes are locked on to a persons birth date and name. This is an 'Attention Getter'. Your friends and clients will hound you continuously to do theirs and over and over again. You can do this anywhere, even over the phone. You can actually do a persons Chinese Numerology Reading again, years latter, and it will be exactly the same as before. Use this to impress people and leave a sensational presence. Also great for radio interviews.

Learning Tarot Cards Is Easy!
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Students Learn to read the Tarot Cards after only 1 hour into the video. They do a sample readings on each and find them to be very, very accurate
Different card systems give you impeccable readings

 Also Includes Bonus Section:

tarot readings
Having Fun With Magic Squares

palm tarot

Combine the Numerology readings from the Numerology method, to the Tarot Non-Acrna (numbered cards) to add to the reading.

  • To impress your friends
  • Get clients continuously coming back to give you more money
  • Get booking agents calling you far in advance
  • Get more fame that you have ever had before. Just mention the word Psychic!
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