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The "Magicians Making Money Series"!

Dear Fellow Entertainers:

Two Questions:

1) How do you get even one of the Masters (making tons of $$$'s per hour) to give up their most closely guarded trade secrets? - including their most powerful techniques on what type of bookings pay the big bucks?

Just try to get a Magician like David Copperfield to reveal even one of his best kept secrets. Bet you its almost impossible!. And Stage Hypnotists (like Kreskin and Ravine) guard their secrets just as jealously as Magicians do. World renown Psychics and Mentalists NEVER give up their secrets on 'How To Read People'!

2) If you could find someone that would tell you how to make between $200.00 per hour and $1,400.00 per hour performing, would you be able to afford the small fortune that one of these top performers would charge to be your personal teacher?


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Sitting ($200.00 per hour)
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